תמונה למשלוחי UPS

משלוח UPS ב-65 שח תוך 48 שעות למוצרים במלאי

מק"ט 220073 קטגוריה
The Cat 6A RJ45 Jack is a key component of the Cat 6A system, designed for Class EA and Category 6A twisted copper pairs in compliance with the most recent ISO/IEC, EN and TIA standards for Channel and Permanent Link configurations. Its design allows an easy, tool-less ‘worry free’ termination on Cat 6a F/UTP, F/FTP cables. The 360° shielding and Faraday screen around the RJ45 provides excellent protection against alien crosstalk (AXT). The quality of the 360° shielding is maintained in the connection to the cable thanks to the metal braid of the shielding cap. This method of wiring is incomparable in reducing the noise between pairs in neighboring cables
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