DS-UAC-M1P 32 mic array microphone Hikvision


משלוח UPS

משלוח UPS ב-65 שח תוך 48 שעות למוצרים במלאי


32 mic array microphone

  • Adopts multi-mic array, picking up sounds in the radius up to 10 meters
  • The built-in digital circuit is embedded with DSP processing unit and AGC technology to realize clear sound with high fidelity
  • With multi-mic array design and self-adaptive beamforming technology, the microphone reduces reverberation effectively
  • Supports accessing echo reference signal via line in interface, and with AEC algorithm, the microphone suppresses echo and squeal effectively
  • Supports smart noise reduction, avoiding environmental noise
  • The indicator is convenient for troubleshooting
  • Supports network settings and transmitting the audio stream to network camera and DVR/NVR
  • Supports 32 kHz audio sampling rate for HD sound
  • Power over ethernet, convenient for installation
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