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Hikvision PanoVu Mini Series DS-2PT5326IZ-DE 2MP Outdoor Panoramic + PTZ Network Dome Camera with Night Vision

PT5 Mini PanoVu 3 lenses in one camera cover up to 270° field of view These lenses are adjustable along

HikVision PanoVu Mini Series Network PTZ Camera (DS-2PT3122IZ-DE3)

PT3 Mini PanoVu Panoramic camera linked to a PTZ: capturing 128.5° images with the panoramic camera, as well as close-up

iDS-2PT9A144MXS-D/T2(1352/6) DeepInView Body Camera

2*4 MP 10X DarkFighter Network Speed Dome Integrated dual lenses capture distant and close-up images High quality imaging with 4

iDS-2PT9A144MXS-D/T2(1352/6) DeepInView Body Camera (Copy)

32 MP 180° PanoVu Network Camera 180° splicing image: the image presented includes the full panoramic view covered by the